Stadiums, bridges, tunnels


Construction of special buildings and structures.

We also build special structures – tunnels, aqueducts, power plants and dams. Our company has all the certifications by appropriate structures and builds on the highest international quality and safety standards.

We build in accordance to ISO 9001. We pay close attention to the quality and reliability of the supporting parts of the superstructure of the bridge, use the seismic elastomeric isolators.

Including the construction of tramways, funicular railways, cableways, rail traffic control equipment and installations, etc. Equipment for railway/cableway construction and maintenance. Rails and railway components, including track.

Durability investigation of elastomeric isolators used for 10 years in a bridge.
The prediction made using the accelerated ageing test proposed in ISO test methods were verified as a practical use in estimating the degradation of elastomeric isolators.

Technical and financial calculations in the construction of ports. Engineering works and comprehensive maintenance of ports. The company ADAMAS has extensive experience in the construction of ports around the world.

Excavation. The construction of foundations. Underground work. Including geotechnics. Geotechnical monitoring by field instrumentation. Sampling methods and groundwater measurements.


Recent projects

Construction of cottages
Agricultural work
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